The 4 T's of ICO investing

I am sure you, just like me, have cursed yourself for not buying Bitcoin 2 years ago when your friend told you about it. I do not like the feeling of having missed out, just like you. This creates a FOMO and it is one of the reasons the crypto market has been exploding lately! We don’t want the same feeling of missing out two years from now. This means that we try to find the next Bitcoin, the next golden token, the next investment that will make us rich!

But not only investors have picked up on the rapidly increasing speed at which new tokens are released. Scammers and people who want to profit from peoples lack of knowledge and inability to determine which ICO and investments are legit are increasing in number.

For this very reason, we have put together a strategy which will help you get started in finding great tokens and ICOs to invest in! Naturally, as always, you have to do your own due diligence but strategy this will help you get started and hopefully set off some alarm bells should you come over any scams or fake ICOs! So without further ado, let’s dive into the 4 T’s of investing in ICOs!

The 4 T’s

The Team might be the most important variable to if a company will succeed or fail. It is absolutely crucial that the team is competent and that you feel comfortable giving your money to these people. A simple trick to do to make sure the people are looking out for the best of their company (not their pockets) is by looking them up on LinkedIn. Check out the CEO, CMO, CTO and any other person you would like to know how they are going to make success happen. You can actually even read out and ask questions in InMail.

Some people love deep diving in the nitty-gritty of the tech behind the blockchain and token. You can go and look at the company’s actual code over at GitHub and see if that looks good or not. If you, on the other hand, are not a person who likes to go deep in the code, it’s still a good idea to search on Google or ask a tech-savvy friend to look at the tech with you.

There’s one thing I absolutely LOVE that ICOs do and many businesses keep on their websites. The beautiful thing they call a ”roadmap”. It very easily illustrates what has happened with the company up to this point, what’s coming next, and what will happen a bit further down the road. This is one of my favorite features of ICO websites. If they do not have a roadmap, turn on your scam radar. If the roadmap does not make sense, turn on your scam radar. If the company is legit, the roadmap is there to provide value and to help you get a grasp and overview of what will happen in the weeks to come!

Hard-cap? Valuation? Exchanges? In the end, it is the token that you invest in more specifically. The token is the tradeable symbol of value. EVERYTHING that the company does, ends up as the value of the token. The team makes sure the project is moving forward. The time determines how mature the company is, how far it has come. The tech is the underlying variable for if the token is actually valuable and actually has a purpose.

Those are the 4 T’s of investing in ICOs that you NEED to check out BEFORE putting your money in any token. These principles will help you avoid scams and hopefully guide you towards the next rocket in the token market!

I'll talk to you all in a bit(coin)!